Elite Interior Design Services

Elite Interiors is an all in one solution provider specialising in Interior renovation and furnishing using modern technologies. The solutions include:

  • Custom made furniture for kitchen, wardrobe and built-in units as well as office furniture. Since the furniture are custom built, the sky is the limit in terms of colour or design. The furniture are designed with functionality and space saving in mind.
  • False ceiling and Partitioning
  • Aluminium openings
  • Electric and Data works
  • AC installation
  • Flooring Solutions
  • Pergolas, etc
  • Home automation. Control your home easily and from anywhere now using your mobile. Through a simple app you will be able to:
    1. control lighting
    2. control air conditioning
    3. remotely provide access to your home or office even no one is on premise using smartlock
    4. monitor for how long a door was last opened using the sensors
    5. smoke detection
    6. switch on/off appliances
    7. flood and humidity monitoring
    8. automatic power on of the lights upon movement detection
    9. ambient led lights with various colours.

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